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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

A Trio of Needs

Some psychologist believe in the existence of a trio of basic needs namely the needs for power,for affiliation ,and for achievement.
(1) Power needs: The power needs relates to an individual's desire to control his environment. It include the need to control other persons as well as various objects. This need appears to be closely related to the ego need in that many individuals experience increased self a enhancement when they exercise power over people or objects.

(2)Affiliation Needs: This refers to the need or desire for friendship,for acceptance,for belonging .people with high affiliation needs tend to have a strong social dependence on others. They often select goods they feel will meet with the approval of friends. Also people with high affiliation needs often adapt their purchase behaviour to the norms and standards of their reference groups.

(3) Achievement Needs: This relates to the need to accomplish something worthwhile in life. Individuals with a strong need for achievement often regard personal accomplishment as an end in itself. The achievement need is closely related to the ego need,in that satisfaction with a job well done serves to enhance the individual's self-esteem. It is also related to self actualization need.

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