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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Advantages and Benefits of Marketing Planning

1.   Marketing planning helps the company to know its strength and weakness.

 2. It allows for effective coordination of interrelated activities.

 3. It encourages systematic thinking , thinking ahead by management.

 4. It leads to the development of performance standard for control.

 5. It causes the company to sharpen its guiding objectives and policies.

 6. It results in a better preparedness for sudden development.

 7. It makes it possible to anticipate future obstacles and problems.

 8. It promote better communication among various units and personnel of The company.

 9. It clarifies the goals of the company to individuals and groups and reduce conflict.

 10. In wings about more vivid sense in the participating executives of their interacting responsibilities.

 11. It helps to establish better priorities and set more realistic objectives.

 12. It helps to lay a solid foundation for company's growth and profit.

 13. Is established a sound framework for monitoring progress and managing deviations from desired goods.