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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Advantages of Observational Method

1. In the first place, the direct observational technique enables a researcher to record behaviour as it occurs. In contrast, other techniques record the data mostly retrospectively on the basis of respondents report after the event.

2. Another advantage of direct observation method is that it can be used regardless whether the respondent is willing to report or not full stop in a field survey, if an enumerator comes across an unwilling and hostile respondents, you cannot collect the required information. But this problem does not arise at all in the case of direct observation.

 3. The third advantage of observation is that it can be used even when it pertains to those who are unable to respond to such as infants and animals.

4. The fourth advantage is that observation provides a direct and accurate measure of behaviour, without having to rely on consumers recalling the details of specific actions.

5. Finally, observation reduces interviewers bias, for little if any contact with the subject takes place.

  Disadvantages of the observational method :

1. The first limitation is that only the current behaviour of a consumer or a group of consumers can be observed. One is unable to observe the past behaviour nor can one observe a person's future behaviour because the act of observation takes place in the present.

 2. Secondly, observation does not help the researcher in judging a persons attitude or opinions on a certain object nor his knowledge on the subject of issue.

3. Thirdly, the observational approach is very slow and as such, when a large number of persons are to be contacted, it becomes unsuitable because of the long time required for this purpose.

 4. Fourthly, while observation generally will provide the researcher with
information concerning the purchase of a product, it will tell very little concerning how the product is being used.

5. Fifthly, certain types of consumer behaviour are inappropriate for observational studies. For example it is very difficult to use observation to obtain information concerning personal subjects such as finance.

6. Finally, the use of observation in the marketing research may be criticized on ethical grounds. Some critics may feel that it is an inappropriate or unethical for the researcher to collect information concerning individual consumers without actually getting their permission.