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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Application of Classification and Instrumental Learning Principles

Marketers use both instrumental   and conditions learning to influence consumer behavior. For example a consumer who purchases a particular model of car may receive a letter from the manufacturer,the dealer or both, congratulating him on the wisdom of his recent purchase decision.

The letter may go to tell the new owner of several unique features of his new car. This is an example of instrumental learning, where the letters act as enforcing agents. Another example which further illustrates instrumental learning is where a motorist who have just moved into a new town stop some what randomly at various service station for fuel.

 Each time the motorist stops at Nwosu's station,the attendants, without fail,clean all windows in his car, check the battery and oil,and say a friendly word or two. The other stations, those not provide him with all these services. Due to these "rewards" the motorist continues to stop at Nwosu station.