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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Areas of Marketing Research

A. Research related to products and services.

1. New product development.
2. Improvement of present
3. New uses for old products.
4. Competitive position of companies product
5. Packaging
6 protecting a new product
7. Customer preferences
8. Product elimination or simplification of product line.
9. Costs and profits of new products
10. Naming of products

B. Research related to market.

1. Analysis of consumer markets
2. Analysis of the whole seller markets
3. Relative profitableness of markets
4. Analysis and interpretation of general market data.
5. Estimation of potential sales
6. Estimation of demand for new products.
7. Market analysis by consumer profiles.
8. Market analysis by areas.
9. Establishment of sales territories
10. Establishment of sales quotas
11. Competitive condition in the market
12. General business forecasting
13. Analysis of business potential in new market areas

C. Research related to policy

1. Marketing policy structure
2. Sales method or distribution
3. Advertising policy
4. Sales compensation
5. Wholesaler and dealer margin policy
6. Premium policy
7. Inventory policy

D. Research Related to sales method.

1. Advertising and selling emphases
2. Distribution cost.
3. Choice of advertising media 4. Selection of distribution channel
5. Sales promotion tests
6. Sales training effects.

E. Analysis of mass media effort.

1. The testing of advertising copy
2. The testing for awareness of advertising campaign
3. The effect of media scheduling
4. The effect of advertising on brand switching.

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