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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Basic Skills for Professional Marketer

These are basics skills which a professional marker should possess in order to become competent,effective and efficient.

. Planning Skills; Planning skills are the first requirement for the professional marketer.

.  Environmental Awareness Skills; The leader should be able to read the environment and anticipate environmental change.

.  Organisational Ability; He should be able to organise marketing resources for effective marketing operations.

.  Behaviour Analysis Skills; Hr should be able to analyse and understand the behaviour of consumers, distributors,competitors and other publics.

.  Information Analysis Skills; He should be able to determine the right information required for marketing operations,when and how to collect process,store and retrieve the information.

.  Strategic Thinking Skills; He should be able to look ahead and take actions that will help the company not only at present time but also in the future.

.  Innovation Management Skills; He should be able to undertake new product development and management.

.  Marketing Mix Optimization Skills; He should be able to combine the marketing variable in the right way to satisfy the consumers.

.  Interdepartmental Cooperation and Conflict Resolution Skills; He should be able to relate with personnel in other sections or department in their organisation and settle or resolve conflict that may arise.