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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Brand sponsor

A manufacturer has for sponsorship options namely :

1. Manufacturers brand. The product that can be launched as a manufacturer's brand or national brand.

2. Private brand. The manufacturer may sell to resellers who give it a private brand. Private brand is also called a store brand or distributor brand.

3. Licensed brand. Most manufacturers take yes and spend much money to create their own brand names. However, some companies licence names or symbols previously created by other manufacturers. Such names or symbols can provide an instant and proven brand name.

4. Co- brand. Co branding occurs when to established brand much of different companies are used on the same products. For example, Nabisco joined with P. Usbury to create P. Usbury Orco Bars baking mix.

       Co-branding create broader consumer appeal and allows a company to expand its existing brand into a category it might otherwise have difficulty entering alone. Delimitation of branding is that the relationship involves complex legal contracts and licence. Cubing partners must carefully co-ordinate their advertising, sales promotion and other marketing efforts and each partner trust the other will take good care of its brand.