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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Branding of Products

Branding is an important dimension of product development and management. After developing a new product it has to undergo branding. In fact, brandon has become so strong today that hardly anything goes on branded. Therefore, the most distinctive skills of professional marketers is their ability to create, muntain, protect and enhance brands of any products. In order to understand the issue and strategy of branding, we have to consider the following language of branding ;

1. Brand : A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of these that identify the maker or seller of a product or service. Consumers view a brand as an important parts of a product, and branding can add value to a product. For example, most consumers would perceive a bottle of white liner perfume as a high-quality expensive product.
But the same perfume in an unmarked bottles would likely be viewed lower in quality even if the fragrance were identical.

2. Brand name : Brand name refers to that part of brand which can be vocalised or spoken example omo detergent.

3. Brand mark : This refers to that part of a brand which can be recognised but is not operable such as a symbol design, or distinctive colour or lettering.

4. Trademark : Trademark is a brand or part of a brand that is given legal protection, because it is capable of exclusive appropriation. A trademark protect the settlers exclusive right to use the brand name and or brand mark.