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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Characteristics of Creative Organisation

The following are the characteristics of the creative organisation :

1. The organisation has idea people. It has open channel of communication, suggestion system, and I units with no additional responsibilities. It encourages contact with outside sources.

2. It has a variety of personality types and assigns non-specialist to problems. It allows eccentricity.

3. It has an objective, fact founded approach. It evaluates ideas on their merits, not status of originator. It selects and promotes on merit only.

4. It exhibits lack of financial material commitment to present products and policies. It invests on basic research and has flexible long range planning. Its experiment with new ideas and does not prejudge them on rational grounds. It gives everything a chance.

5. It is more decentralized. It provides time and resources to absorb error. It tolerates and expect taking risks. It is not run as a tight ship. Employees have fun and freedom to choose and pursue problems. There are free to discuss ideas.

6. It is autonomous and independent. It has original and different objectives and is not trying to follow the leader.

7. It has enough security of routine and allows creators to roam. It has separate units or occasions for generating versus evaluating ideas. It separates creative from production functions.