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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Characteristics of Cultural Values

There are four characteristics common to all cultural valued namely:

I) cultural values are learned.
II) cultural values are guides to behaviour.
III) cultural values are both permanent and dynamic.
IV) cultural values are socially shared.

Some Societal Values Relevant To Marketer In Nigeria

1) Materialism: Nigerians attach great importance to material things and strive to acquire such. They use possession of material things like cars, houses and furniture as an index of success in life.

2) Comfort and Convenience in Life: This signifies the attainment of "the good life" which entails having many convenience oriented and pleasure providing food and services.

3) Social recognition,status and prestige: Nigerians value prestige, status and social recognition. They place emphasis on what other people say about them, their appreciation or commendation. Most Nigerians Stive for social recognition and prestige,which can be reflected in the products they possess.

4) Beauty: In terms of female, Nigerians place emphasis on attractive and beauty. Marketers can offer many products like cosmetics,dresses and hair care products to satisfy the value placed on beauty and aesthetics.

5) Love for and Appreciation of Music: Nigerians generally and particularly the youths value music. Sub cultural groups like religious groups value music. There is an expanding market for selling musical products in Nigeria.

6) Personal Achievement and Success: Individuals want to achieve personal goals and dreams like those doing sports.