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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Conditions for Successful Innovation

Innovation is the lifeblood of every business whether it is domestic or international. What should an organisation do to ensure that creative ideas are harnessed and innovation
A number of conditions must exist in the firm itself if creativity will be able to thrive.

1. The climate for creative thoughts must be right.

2. An effective system for communicating ideas must exist.

3. Procedures for managing innovation must be developed.
Creativity seldom tribes in an environment in which management discourages ideas. Such discouragement can be overt or be subtle in the form of nonverbal communication. The boss can stifle or kill creativity by simply looking board when an idea is presented to him.

Alternatively, you can dampen the enthusiasm of his subordinates by asking for a written report instead of going to the trouble of listening to the idea exposed. Suggestion to a person that he ought to discuss an idea with a third party is another way of the motivating a creative individual.

Creativity can best thrive in a firm where are are solicited and encouraged. Every person in the organisation must feel that his ideas and wanted and that a receptive ear is always ready to listen to what he wants to say. It is very important that the climate is supportive through the firm. It must transcend all levels of management and exist in every functional area.

 Creativity must start at the top, with the chief executive if the climates stands the chance of becoming total and meaningful. The fact that the boss preaches about creativity with some enthusiasm is not enough. He must show interest in practical terms. He must participate in ideas, screening them and help to lead them towards commercialization. A boss who participate in such activities is the best formula for encouraging a creative climate.

It is important that the firm must set up a practical method for dealing with the fruit of the firm's creative climate. Without such procedures when goods cannot possibly receives the attention which they deserve. A novel idea which is gaining some popularity is the appointment of a manager of innovation or a director of innovation. His duties can be summarised as follows :

1. To take all the necessary steps for developing a suitable climate for creativity and innovation.

2. To act as the focal points for collecting and disseminating ideas throughout the organisation.

3. To establish procedures for screening ideas in accordance with criteria agreed with marketing colleagues.

4. To co-ordinate the implementation of ideas found appropriate during the screening process.

5. To monitor the success of ideas implemented and make recommendations for the application of such innovations in other markets.