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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Conflict In Family Decision Making

  Family decision making involves conflict. This occurs because whenever two or more people are involved in decision making,there is likely to be some conflict. For instance, there may be conflict in purchasing objectives, attitudes towards alternatives,and the selection of the most desirable alternative. Sprey(1969) believes that because of the close interdependence of family members; joint decisions will lead to conflict. Again, Bloed(1980) states that since families are small and involuntary groups,conflict in the room. In other words, conflict occurs from time to time with in the family.

Purchasing decisions create conflict in the family. According to David (1976) families often bargain,compromise and coerce rather than problem solving in arriving at decision. He cities studies of husband-wife decision making for housing,automobiles,and family planning that shows substantial differences in choice criteria,perceptions and attitudes. In family planning for example,husband  emphasized the positive effects of low fertility on living cost and children's education ,whereas wives considered low fertility as an advantage in giving them more time. From his study of a number of product categories, Davis found conflict regarding the roles to be played in decision.   Three areas of conflict were identified namely; (1) Who should make various purchase decisions,

(2) How should the decision be made(degree of information search,reliance on advertising etc) and

(3) Who should implement the decision.

The marketer must be aware of such conflict,so that he can adjust his strategies accordingly. For example,sales people should be aware of any potential conflict in family decision. Families,may visit car outlets together and talk to dealers jointly. The husband may emphasise roominess and style to impress business associates whereas the wife may be concerned with fuel economy and service cost, or the husband may emphasize cost and the wife style. In any case,difference are likely to occur ,and the sales representatives or dealers must appeal to both parties.