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Monday, 17 September 2018

Constraints to Successful Marketing Research

The conduct of marketing research is fruit with a lot of problems in nigeria. This problems constitute barriers to the successful marketing research and deny companies and their customers the benefits they should be getting from the exercise. The most prominent among these problems are highlighted below :

1. Lack of recognition of the importance of marketing : most manufacturers and retailers operating in nigeria are yet to accord marketing and marketing research their right status in the operation of of their business. Where the consumer is not at the centre of operations and his needs are not put before other matters in the commercial activities of companies, not much attention will be given to marketing research.

2. Lack of functional market research : Most of the companies operating in nigeria do not have a functional department or even a research unit under marketing. Even many of the multinational corporations which have the funds to run a marketing research department and have such department in their homes shy away from such an idea in nigeria. The absence of a functional marketing department makes the realisation of the need for researchers, their conduct and coordination very difficult.

3. Too much expectations from marketing research : many companies that conduct marketing researchers expect too much from the exercises. Direct marketing researchers to reveal everything about consumers and competitors and provide solutions to all sorts of problems. While keeping marketing research budget as low as possible, they set on realistic goals for research personnel. When these are not achieved, such companies further cut marketing research budget and reduce the emphasis on the function. It needs to be remembered that marketing research only makes recommendations and does not take or enforce decisions, and that the more the research project, the higher the possibility of obtaining a good research results.

4. Inadequacy of operational facilities for the conduct of marketing research : facilities such as telephones, computers, transport and postal services, which are much dependent upon for the successful conduct of marketing researchers are grossly lacking in the country. Because of this, task of marketing research in the country are very arduous and costly. This brings a great setback to marketing research in Nigeria.

5. High incidence of illiteracy : the rate of illiteracy in the country is still very high. Because of this, many respondents to marketing research is have to be aided in their responses to questionnaires and interviews. This brings in a lot of buyers and slows down research efforts.

 6. Uncooperative attitude of respondents : many respondents to researchers in Nigeria still suspect researchers as tax officials. Because of this, they either outrightly refused to give information or give misleading information in order to avoid beingtaxed,  defrauded, or even robbed. So what matters, some researchers and field assistance to cook up data in order to save the time and effort that are required for conducting real investigations. All this make results of many researchers conducted in the country to be misleading.

7. Inadequacy of knowledge in research methodology : most of the people charged with the conduct of marketing research and not very knowledgeable in the procedure for conducting formal researchers. This is as a result of the persistent low level of education, inadequate training on research methodology, and failure of most companies to employ and deploy their incompetent workers.