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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Developing Ideas

Ideas are said to be products because they are applied in satisfying consumers needs. My ideas I mean :
Ideas are thought out ways of solving a particular problem on meeting the needs of the consumers.

 Ideas are the thoughts, concepts, or pictures that take shape in the human mind which can finally be put down and become meaningful in helping to solve the problems or meet the needs of the consumers.

 Ideas are solutions to consumers problems which have been generated by the human mind through the process of thinking and creativity.

Ideas are developed through thinking and through the creative process. To know how to develop and package ideas, you must understand the creative process. Ideas which are developed and marketed to consumers are packaged in books, magazines, newspapers, radio cassette, video tapes, diskettes, flash drives e.t.c.

Developing ideas is the most important that mention of product development and management. Any marketer who can come up with or generate innovative ideas can make satisfactory impact in the market. This is why every professional marketer must learn how to exercise his creativity in generating ideas.

The creative process used in generating or developing ideas involve the following steps or stages :

1. Problem identification.
2. Information gathering.
3. Active thought.
4. Incubation.
5. Illumination.
 6. Application of solution.