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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Differences Between Physical Distribution and Marketing Logistics

(1) In physical distribution, a subset of distribution involving only outbound products. While in Marketing logistics,a superset of distribution involving both in bound and out bound products .
(2) Physical distribution,has little to do with suppliers.While Marketing logistics,deals with suppliers.

(3) Physical distribution channel is simpler and shorter;since it is between two points companies and consumers. While Marketing logistics channels is longer and more complex since it is among three points ;supplier to companies on the one hand,and companies to consumer on the other.

(4) Physical distribution, deals with one warehousing facility for out bound finished goods. While Marketing logistics,deals with two facilities:one for in bound raw materials,and another for out bound finished goods.

(5) Physical distribution firms mainly on the "giving" end (selling). While in marketing logistics,firms both on the receiving and "giving"ends (buying and selling).

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