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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Disadvantages and Costs of Marketing planning


 plans are may wishes. They can never be exact.

The greater the time span, the greater the number of Mistakes.

The marketing plan may be deceived by the current marketing condition which are dominant in his mind at the time of initiating the plan. The current condition maybe overstressed.

The usefulness of marketing planning may be undermined by the inability of the planner to see all the alternatives in a situation in order to evaluate their effect.

Many events in the external marketing environment can make a nonsense of the most sophisticated marketing planning. The marketing environment is also violated, unstable and unpredictable.

Most marketing planners use high technical tools in their plan and such as non-technical people which will not be able to understand, let alone implement the plan.

There is paucity personnel who are inclined to making planning.

A most of developing countries, the required data for making planning are not existing.

Marketing planning is very costly. A firm may spend millions of naira on a marketing plan that the environmental forces will render unusable.

Lack of communication both horizontally and vertically may make marketing planning impossible . There is a usual rivalry between some departments within an organisation or divisions within a department example sales and marketing department.