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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Effects of Marketing Stimuli on Consumer Perceptions

In this section,we would like to discuss the two primary influences on consumer perceptions of a stimulus,namely the characteristics of the stimulus and the characteristics of the consumer.

Marketing stimulus: The two most importance stimuli influencing consumer behaviour are marketing,and environmental stimuli. Marketing stimuli refers to any communication or physical stimuli that are designed to influence the consumer. We have two types of marketing stimuli, primary and secondary stimuli.

 The products and its components (package,contents,physical properties) are primary stimuli. Communications designed to influence consumer behavior are secondary stimuli that represent the product either through words,pictures and symbolism, or through other stimuli associated with the product(price, store in which purchase, effect of salesperson)

Consumers constant exposure to secondary marketing stimuli is an important requirement for a company's survival in a competitive market. However,continuous advertising would not be profitable unless enough consumers were to buy again. Therefore,the ultimate determinant of future consumer actions is experience with the primary stimulus, the product.

At times,marketers attempts to introduce such product experience prior to a purchase by giving consumers free samples. Offering samples,is an attempt to provide direct and risk free product experience to the consumer prior to market introduction. However,use of the product as a primary stimulus in attempting to influence the consumer to buy is the exception. The dominant element in marketing strategy is communication about the product .

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