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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Elements of Consumer Decision Making

Consumer decision making is a problem-solving process which presumes that the consumer goes through phases in undertaking decision. There are five stages of consumer decision making behaviour.

1. Problem recognition : What occurs to start the process? Problem recognition occurs when the consumer perceives a difference in his ideal situation and actual solution. Problem recognition can be activated by external stimuli, such as friends, or by motives that are internal to the person.

External stimuli are processed in the context of one's current information and experience to produce a perception of a problem. For example, a person might see an advertisement for beer on the television, this advertisement is an external stimuli which identifies an ideal state that is consistent with the viewed past information and experience to a yield recognition of thirst as a problem.

2. Search for alternatives (information) : once a problem is recognised, the consumer may or may not search for additional information. If he or she wants more information, there are two basic ways of searching :

 A. Internal search, that is a recall of other options.

 B full stop external sources of information can be sought.

3. Evaluation of alternative : when the available option have been found, in order to come to a decision the consumer has to evaluate them in order to find an option that will maximize his objective.

4 selection of optimal alternatives (decision making) : the actual choice made is supposed to follow from the alternative evaluation and intention. Satisfaction occurs when the consumer finds the alternative chosen is consistent with his beliefs or attitudes.

5. Implementation of the decision (purchase decision) : the chosen alternative is used in making the decision. The probability of using the chosen alternative will increase if satisfaction of course. If the satisfaction occurs, another alternative has to be chosen.