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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Emotional And Rational Patronage Motives

      patronage motives may also be classified into emotional and relational categories. We should think of emotional patronage motives as those which encourage a consumer in patronizing a particular stop with a minimum of thoughts as to the reason for or against doing so. perhaps he is attracted by a window display once he has patronized the store and has become familiar with it merchandise and services, habit may keep him coming back. Or one of his friends may tell him that a certain store is a good place to buy. This statement may lead the consumer to visit that store without much thought As to the grounds for his friends option.

      Despite the foregoing, it is probably true that most people buy from a store only after some conscious as to which one they should patronize. They discovered that some stores offer wider selection or have a better mix of merchandise than other stores. Or they find that certain stores tends to have the lowest price, the best values in relation to quality, the best fashion goods, the most satisfactory service, or the most convenient. Again certain stores are selected because they are overall convenience and cost to the consumer is low.