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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Ethical Behaviour

Ethics involve moral issues in business decision making and practise. Directly tied to ethics are religion ,the value system of the individual manager(s) and society.

Ethics is a mass of moral principles or set of values about what conduct ought to be. It may be specified by a written and unwritten set of codes or principles governing a profession (Steiner 1975). Ethics is concerned with what is good or bad,right or wrong.

Ethics is directly related to the conduct of managers and business people in business situation. Ethical behaviour is a conduct that is considered fair or just,measured by ethical rules,and which must be obedient to valid government laws and regulations.

When the marketer's behaviour is ethical,it means that he is abiding by the rules in his dealings with others. Let's cite an example, we have the ethical behaviour prescribed by NIMARK(1981) in its guide to professional conduct. If the marketer keeps to this code of practise,I means he is being ethical in his behaviour.