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Thursday, 27 September 2018

Factors Affecting Fashion

The following factors affects fashion:

1) Economic Influence: A country's economic structure and economic vacillation influence both the speed of fashion changes and the trend themselves. Specially:

I) Fashion is influenced by the economic factors of recession, depression, inflation and affluence and may be either accelerated or retarded by these developments.

II) Fashion flourishes in an economically progressive society.

III) Fashion focuses on the segment that controls the spreading power of a nation.

IV) The more money an individual earns,the more fashion goods he or she can buy.

2) Social Changes: Some people believe that fashion is social in origin that it is neither a creative dream nor a business directive. Fashion truly does reflect the sociological mood of a time. Fashion reacts to sociological occurrences, demands by market groups,current events, and personalities of the time.  Specifically:

I) Fashion is influenced by sociological occurrence such as education, changes in geographic living patterns, lifestyle changes, crazes and current events.

II) Fashion is demanded by different market segments; Youth, elderly, racial, handicapped, ethnic, sex, religion, minority or oppressed groups, clubs, and organizations.

III) Fashion is influenced by personalities.

Technological Advancement: Technology is certainly a catalyst of fashion. Technology as much as anything else has made the fashion business what it is to day. Fashion is influenced by technological achievements, mass production,textile research developments, travel communications and inventions.