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Thursday, 27 September 2018

Family Influence on Consumer Behaviour

This family is a major influence on the behaviour of consumers. As the basic group to which an individual belongs ,the family provides early childhood learning about products and product categories,provides the opportunity for product exposure and repetition ,and set the consumption norms for family members. As a major consumption unit,the family is a major target for most products and product categories.

To understand how the family makes its purchase decisions and affects the future purchase behaviour of it's young, it is useful to understand the functions provided and roles carried out or performed by family members to fulfill their consumption needs.


Even though the term family is a very basic concept,yet it is not easy to define because family structure  and rile performed by family members vary considerably from society ri society. Traditionally,however family is defined as two or more persons related by blood,marriage,or adopting who resides or live together. In a more dynamic sense,the individuals who constitute a family might be described as members of the most basic social group who live together and interact to satisfy their personal and mutual needs.

Though families are sometimes refers to as house holds,not all house holds are families. For example,a household might also include individuals who are  not related by blood,marriage or adoption, such as unmarried couple,family friends,roommates or visitors. However,households and families are usually treated as synonymous within the context of the consumer behaviours.


There are four basic functions provided by the family, which are particularly relevant to a discussion of consumer behaviour. These functions include economic well being emotional support,suitable lifestyle,childhood socialization.

1) Economic well being: The family has the function of providing for economic security and finance means to its dependents.

2) Emotional support: The provision of emotional and therapeutic support to its members is an important basic function of the family. To fulfill this function,the family attempts to assist its member in coping with personal or social problems. Sometimes the family may not be able to provide this assistance. When this happens the family member have to turn to outsiders such as a professional counselor or psychologist as an alternative.

3) Suitable lifestyle: Another important family function  relevant to the consumers is the establishment of a suitable lifestyle for the family. Upbringing experience and the personal and jointly determined goals of the spouses determine the importance place in education or career,on reading on television viewing,on the frequency and quality of dinning out,and the selection if other entertainment and recreational activities. Family life style commitment ,including the allocation of time, greatly influence consumption patterns.

4)  Childhood socialization: The socialization of young children is the most important family function. The socialization process consists of imparting the children the basic values and modes of behaviour consistent with the culture, which include personality development,interpersonal competence,dress and grooming habits,appropriate manners and speech , and the selection of a suitable occupation or career. Socialization factor are impacted to the child directly through instruction,and indirectly through the behaviour of parents and other siblings.