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Thursday, 27 September 2018

Fashion Adoption Process

The fashion adoption process is a series of buying waves that arise as a particular style that is popularly accepted by one group, then another and another,until it finally falls out of fashion. This movement, representing the introduction ,rise, popular culmination,and decline of market's acceptance  of a style,is referred to as the fashion cycle (Stanton et al 1994).


Careful observation shows that the great majority of fashion travel a fairly comparable cycle. Fashions pass through four stages, namely: (1) distinctive stage (2) emulative stage(3) mass fashion stage (4) decline stage (Kotler 1997)

1) The Distinctive Stage: In the distinctive stage, some consumers take an interest in some thing new that sets,them apart from other consumers.

2) The Emulation Stage: In the emulation stage,other consumers take an interest out of desire to emulate fashion leaders.

3) The Mass Fashion Stage: In the mass fashion stage, the fashion has become extremely popular,and manufacturers have geared up for mass production.

4) The Decline Stage: Finally,in the decline stage consumer starts moving towards other fashion that are beginning to catch their attention.