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Thursday, 27 September 2018

Fashion Characteristics

Although fashion is an ever changing force, there are certain statements which can be made about it that are absolute. These are referred to as the four absolutes of fashion (Green wood and Murphy 1990). These are

1) Prevailing Style: Fashion is the prevailing style at a given time.

2) Reflection: Fashion trends reflects the change in what a culture is thinking, feeling and doing both at work and recreation, and how an era is behaving morally,and how stable or successful a country is financially.

3) Change: Fashion will change. This is the third absolute of fashion in a free society. We have a culture of change.

4) Acceptance: A style does not
become a fashion until it is accepted_that is, purchased and used by a major portion of the population. This is the final absolute fact of fashion. No matter how beautiful a design or creation is, unless the public likes it and wants to wear it,it will never be a fashion. In this case,fashion is not business created but people created through acceptance. Only the consumer makes fashion,not designer or manufacturer.