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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Foundation or Basis of Marketing Behavior

    A professional marketer should behave in the right or appropriate way in order to ensure consumer satisfaction. Behaving in the right way implies taking actions and using strategies that are effective in securing consumer satisfaction, profitability for the organisation, as well as welfare of the general public.

There is a foundation or basis of marketer behaviour. Whatever the marketer does or how he actually behaves towards his consumers and other public emanate from the following.

 1. The philosophical basis of marketer behaviour. What a person ourselves or belief as his guiding principle or philosophy of doing business will determine his pattern of behaviour towards his customer and other publics . If a marketer believes that the reason why he is in business is basically to make profit, no more no less, then he will go to any lengths to do whatever will help him to make profit. Not minding how his behaviour effects his consumers and other publics. On the other hand, if a marketer believe that the fundamental reason for doing business is to satisfy people or consumers needs, then he will take care to engage in actions and behaviour that lead to satisfying his consumers or target market.

 In modern business operations, marketers are trained to operate according to the marketing concept or marketing orientations, thus the philosophical basis that determines marketers behaviour is their belief in the supremacy of consumers or customers . Marketers behave that it is the consumers that determines the existence of business and as such should be given out most satisfaction. Marketers believe that every thing that is done in business is done to satisfy consumers.

 A professional marketer who has been giving marketing education and training should operate according to the marketing management philosophy or marketing concept. He has to learn, internalize, and really operate according to this fundamental principle, belief or concept. In fact to have the right marketer behaviour implies that the marketer should accept the marketing concept and let it determine whatever action he takes to satisfy customers. Those marketers who manifest abnormal or eagle behaviour have not really accepted or internalize the marketing management philosophy or let it guide their behaviour. They have not placed consumer satisfaction as their top or number one priority.

 The personality bases of marketer behaviour. The type of traits or qualities a marketer processes will determine the way he behaves in satisfying consumers. If a marketer has the required all the right qualities and traits , he will behave in the right way and to ensure consumer satisfaction. For instance, if a marketer is sociable, cheerful and empathic towards his consumers, he has a better chance of winning and returning their patronage. Marketers are expected to have good personality traits and qualities so that they will be effective in their marketing practice. For instance, they should be friendly, sociable, cheerful and able to communicate with dear customers or other public.

 Personality is the sum total of all the individual distinctive qualities of a person . It includes character traits moral and values , social and mental traits, and physical appearance. Many people believe personality is inherited. This is not true. Personality is largely acquired, she is very few personality traits are inherited. Because personality is largely acquired, it is possible to develop an effective marketer personality, just as we can develop a pleasing personal appearance. Since our personality is a fundamental tool for undertaking effective marketing operations or having the right marketer behaviour, marketers should not neglected. Marketers should try to acquire good personality traits and qualities, which will enable them to be effective in giving delightful satisfaction to their customers.

 Some character traits that combine two make a personality attractive to customers courtesy, cheerfulness cooperation , honest, alertness, dependability, good judgement, imagination, and good memory.

 The knowledge and skill basis of marketer behaviour. The behaviour a marketer is read or the action he takes determined by the knowledge and skill he possesses. If the market has the right marketing knowledge and skills, he is more likely to behave the appropriate way that will satisfy its customers needs and ensure profitability for his organisation.

 Professional marketers are educated or trained in the field of marketing. They acquire and learn about marketing concept, principles, philosophies, skills, tactics and strategies. Marketing knowledge and skills or strategies are they working Tools of the marketer. When the marketer is well grounded on marketing strategies, principles and concepts, he will be able to determine the right action to take or behaviour to exhibit.