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Friday, 14 September 2018

Freehand Sketching

   When we see a photograph of an object, we understand immediately its message. If we are thinking of an imaginary object, we cannot tales its photography immediately as we can only imagine it. What can be done is to sketch the imaginary picture of the object. Do freehand sketching is of advantage because a good sketch reduces the amount of writing needed to describe an object. Therefore, we can say that freehand sketching is one of the quickest methods by which the shape of an object can be communicated to others without using any instrument except a pen or pencil.

Techniques of sketching

Straight line

We can use freehand to draw a fairly  straight line by the following procedures:

1. Put a dash or dot far enough to the right hand side of the paper.

3. Start to draw a line from the left hand side to join the dash or dot without looking at the point of pencil in motion.


1. To draw a curve by freehand , it will be necessary to plot some points not too far from each other at different levels.

2. With the points in position. Attempt to draw curves to join them.


To draw circles, the easiest way is to draw lines, which are equal in diameter to the circle in different directions. Each line must be drawn as faint and straight as possible , each crossing one another at a central point, thus:

Now , join the points By little curves from the tip of each line.

   Try to draw other circles by means of joining two large curves having half the size as radius and full size as diameter.

Irregular edges

Figures with the irregular edges should first be fixed in a rectangular or square shape to Fill the space in which the full shape of the object is to be drawn as a whole. Let us take a rectangular block of wood with a bow front , for example. It will be seem that the full size of the block is drawn and latter the bow front  is carefully shaped to show the bow fronted block.

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