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Thursday, 20 September 2018

General Marketing Implications of Learning

The reader should note the following implications of learning;

(1) An understanding of learning is important in the design of marketing strategies,especially the promotional elements that attempt or guide or promotion purchase behaviour. Although promotions can induce consumers to make unwise purchases but through learning theories,it is discovered that satisfaction is the key to repetition of purchase behavior.

(2) Marketers should try to build up demand for their products by associating them with strong drives ,using motivating cues,and providing positive reinforcement. A new company can enter the market by appealing to the same drives as competitors.(e.g.Price used by coma cola and seven up) and providing similar cue configurations because buyers are more likely to transfer loyalty to similar brands than to dissimilar brands(generalization). It may also make it's brand to appeal to a different set of strong drives and offer the inducements to switch.

(3) Consumers acquire taste and preference through learning,and the more the marketer can reinforce them positively the more they will come to him or patronise the product.