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Thursday, 27 September 2018

Groups in Consumer Fashion Segments

Fashion marker segments are of particular importance to retailers of fashion goods. However,within the segments of fashion market,there may be several consumer groups of special interest to certain types of retailers,age groups,sex groups,income groups,occupational groups and special groups. Many fashion stores serve consumer groups with individual clothing needs. Some stores may specialize in clothing for selected age groups or for only one age group. For example,specialty store may cater to only one age group -children's wear or you g adult's clothes or to only one sex group -men's wear or women's apparel. Specialty stores need to know the characteristics of the particular consumer marker they serve. Income groups are of vital importance to retailers in every community. Retailers used to keep up to date on the factors that affect incomes in the consumer market area. Occupational groups ,professionals, executives,skilled workers, day labourers often are significant at the retail level.