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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Guiding Tenets or Principles For Professional Marketers

The professional marketer must always say to himself and internalize the following principles of tenets and then apply them I his behaviour towards customers and other publics:

1) I must offer delightful satisfaction and benefits to my customers at every opportunity.

2) I must value all my customers, defend and speak for them all the time.

3) I must not exploit, cheat or create dissatisfaction or frustration amongst consumers or my customers.

4) I must accept that the customer or consumer is always right.

5) I must always accept the customer or consumer is the real boss.

6) I must not do anything that will endanger the Libes of the general public.

7) I must not allow my marketing activities to destroy or pollute the environment.

8) I must strive at all times to put my company or organisation in a competitive advantage.

9) I must not allow other organisations to outdo me in satisfying consumers.

10) I must always help my company or organization to realize or attain its marketing and other objectives.

11) I must always endeavour to work for the progress and advancement of my national economy.

12) I must ensure that I have the personality traits or qualities that endear me to my customers.