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Monday, 17 September 2018

Household Decision Making Factors

1. Internal Factors : internal factor that influences the consumer in the buying process includes stages of information processing and consumer characteristics and behaviour.

A psychologist might divide human information processing into various stages. One of such division of process includes experience, comprehension agreement, retention, retrieval, decision-making an action. Depending upon the stage, influence and behaviour will vary. Consumer characteristics of behaviour might include information such as age, sex, occupation, ethnic group, lifestyle and psychographics which includes ways of thinking.

2. External factor : external factors influencing the purchase decision by the consumer include promotion, contact with others, direct experience with the product and perceived price due relationships.

3. The consumer buying process : In the consumer buyer process, it is important to note that the input involved in influencing the consumer are both marketing and psychological. Both work together on the consumer's psyche to result in purchase decision output including what products, and brands are selected, where and from whom they abort, how frequently and in what quantities.