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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

How Perception takes Place

How does perception usually take place? Perception is not a function of sensory input only. It is a result of two different kinds of input which interacts to form the personal pictures or the perception that each person experiences.

The first type of input in physical stimuli, which come from the outside environment. The second type of input is provided by individuals themselves in the form of certain predispositions or variables such as expectations,motives,and learning based on previous experience.

The combination of this two distinct inputs produces for each person a very private ,very personal picture of the world. Since each individual is a unique entity,with unique experiences ,wants,needs,wishes and expectations, it follows that each individual's perceptions are also unique. This explains why no two people see the world in completely the same way.

Individuals are very selective in terms of which stimuli they "recognize". They also recognise the stimuli they recognize subconsciously according to some psychological principle,and they give meaning to such stimuli (i.e. they interpret them)subjectively in accordance with their own needs,expectations and experiences.

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