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Saturday, 29 September 2018

How to Classify Product Attributes

       There are a number of different classifications system used in specifying product characteristics. Albert J. Wood suggests four major groups into which product attributes can be classified. These are often used by both marketing groups and R&D groups :

1. Sense qualities : for example colour, taste, and touch.

2. Use characteristics : For example, ease in handling.

3. Performance characteristics : For example, product accomplishments.

4. Gratifications :  For example it's a healthy product, and I'm glad I used it.
       A variety of marketing research methods are available for obtaining information about the experiences of consumers with certain products. Such as what they like and did not lie. These include depth interviewing, word association, tests, storytelling, and rating scales. The interviewer must always strive to get a respondent to be as specific as possible. The importance of avoiding every general answer was well exemplified by study dealing with a household cleaning products, which found that people speaking of liking the way a given product cleans actually hard reference to one of thirteen or more specific attributes, such as getting greasy dirt out, getting really dirty sports, cleaning shirt collars, et c. As a result of this clinical interviews, the company should conclude that thirty-seven specific products factors were involved in the consumer's overall attitude towards soaps and synthetic detergents.