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Thursday, 27 September 2018

Implications of Fashion To Marketers

The following are the implication of fashion to marketers;

1) Marketers to try to identify fashion inventors or leaders for their products because of their role in effectively introducing and influencing wide acceptance of the products.

2) In their advertising or marketing communication, marketers could use fashion leaders to present their fashion products.

3) Marketers could organize fashion shows or contests to promote their fashion products.

4) Marketers should trace the fashion cycle of their products. They should be able to determine the stage of the product in the fashion cycle in order to know the right strategy to adopt.

5) To effectively market their fashion products, marketers should carry out good fashion merchandising. Fashion merchandising refers to the various activities performed at the retail level to affect the purchase and to ensure the profitable sale of appropriate assortments of fashion merchandising in anticipation to seasonal consumer demand.

6) The marketers should always make a good fashion judgement. Fashion judgement must be focused on questions that relate to the stages of the fashion cycle. When will certain new fashion begins to reach general acceptance? Has a fashion look or an item of merchandise already reached it's peak in terms of acceptance by the consumer? Does a small decline in sales of an item means the regression or decline stage is under way.

7) Marketers should realize that successful fashion buying and selling are based on facts,figures,comparisons and considerable fashion judgement.

8) Marketers should monitor the fashion trends in the society and try to adapt their product offerings and strategies to these trends.

9) Marketers should be abreast with fashion news and activities in other parts of the world. They should be aware how influence emanating from other parts of the globe affect fashion trends in their own immediate marketing environment.