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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Issues to Address When Developing The Package

There are some vital issues to address when developing the package. This include :

1. The type of products and functions of the package : Is the product extremely fragile? Do consumers use the product directly from the package? Are there special storage or shipping problems associated with the product?

2. The type of market channel to be used for the product : If the product is to be sold to a variety of outlets, will this require some special packaging considerations? Will the package be displayed in some special way at the retail level? Are there special point-of-purchase opportunities for the product?

3. The prime prospect for the product : Are adults, children, upper income families or young singles most likely to buy the product? What packaging style would be most appealing to the target market?

4. Promotion and advertising for the product and its package : Will the package be used to complete other promotional efforts? Are on-pack coupons or premium being considered? Can standard package design ideas be adapted to any special promotional efforts being considered?

5. The relationship to other packages in a product line : Will the product be sold in different sizes? Is the product part of a product line that is promoted together? Does the product line use the same brand name and packaging style?

6. The typical consumer use of the product : Will the package be stored for long periods in the home? Does the product require refrigeration or freezing? Are only portions of the products used for the package?

       Obviously, the answer to these and other questions can only be obtained through research.