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Thursday, 27 September 2018

Joint Decision Making

Several factors influence the joint decision process in addition to the role of members of the buying centre. Individual factors such as the members background, attitudes and personality will influence the decision process. Common back grounds and attitudes of members of the buying centre are likely to encourage consumers and speed the process of decision making.

      Group factors such as the structure of the group (open or bureaucratic), cohesiveness,and size will also influence the decision out comes. Spekman and Stern (1979) found that higher uncertainty leads to a more open style of decision making within the group,resulting to more joint decisions. Smaller and more cohesive groups are more likely to reach consensus quickly.

      Organisational and environmental factors such as the responsibility of group members and the organisational rewards also influence the group decision process. Particularly important I'd the degree of risk in purchasing perceived by the buying group. Spekman and Stern (1979) also found that greater perceived risk encouraged more open communication between members of the buying group and a more flexible organisational style. The result permitted buying members to react more quickly and more easily to the increased contingencies of a more highly uncertain environment.