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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Limitations and Problems of Marketing Research

1. Time: it is time consuming. A lot of things might have changed between step 1 and step 8 and the research process such that would render result useless.

 2. Cost: marketing research is very costly to plan and implement. It requires human and material resources.

3.Inexactness: since marketing research studies human tendencies to behave in a particular way, there is always the problem of accuracy in exactness. Human beings cannot be accurately predicted. Besides, what people say in research studies may not be what they do in reality . 4. Death research professionals: few people can conduct marketing research activities. Qualifier research personnels are not many in Nigeria. The quacks will produce quack and poor results.

 5. Unreliable data: statistical information about activities of marketing participants and facilitators are few. Where they are available, they are not reliable. Nigerians keeps everything to secret. This is a carryover from civil service culture. Industry statistics are not available. Most primary and secondary data are unreliable. Errors may not suffers from complication, analysis or interpretation. Some people deliberately distort facts to their advantage.

6. Illiteracy: low literacy level of citizen affect attitude towards research. Language differences may create a barrier. Attitudes towards privacy may lead to low response level.

 7. Not an end marketing research: is a means to an end, h is not an end in itself. Except the results are acted upon on time marketing research could be a waste of resource.

8. Poor communication system: there is a problem of efficient and inadequate communication system in nigeria. All trunk may be busy intel gsm may have service or network failure and interruption gsm calls are too costly. This hampers the effectiveness of marketing research.

 9. Religion: many people cannot be reached to receive research questionnaire because of their religion makes them incommunicable . Others were not want to give objective views because of religion.

 10. Poor transport system: Nigerian roads are poor. Many villages cannot be reached even during the dry season.