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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Marketing Application of Consumer Values

    Marketers should do the following.

1) They should carry out formal studies to identify the values of the general society or sub cultural groups and base marketing operations on such values.

2) They should enable the society through their products to realize their cultural values. Most especially marketers should help consumers to attain positive values.

3) They should withdraw or avoid the cultivation and satisfaction of wrong or negative values. This boils down to the issue of ethical or moral conduct in the market. For example,if consumers want pornographic products should the marketer help them to actualize this value? The marketer should avoid the satisfaction of those values which are injurious to the society.

4) The marketer can contribute or assist through the process of advertising or education to influence or change values that are negative or have ugly consequences for the society.

5) The marketer should reflect consumer values in his advertising or marketing communication.

6) Marketers should monitor cultural value changes and adapt their marketing strategies on those changes.