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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Marketing Implication of Self Concept

Those notions about consumers self image or self concepts have important implications for consumers and buying behavior. For example,consumers buy goods that are consistent with their various self images. They use the occasion for purchasing and consuming goods as a means of changing,establishing,or reinforcing a given self image. Consumer goods are really social tools for symbols that serve as a means of communication between the individual and his social environment. Goods or products the self in as much as their their purchase and use:

(1) Sustain and boost the individual's self concept and
(2) Prompt desired reactions from other individuals. 

Products are one way we express our personalities. All goods or products have a high symbolic character and making a purchase involves at least an implicit assessment of this symbolism,of deciding whether or not a given product agrees with our perceived self image. The product is perceived and enjoyed when it matches ,adds to or reinforces the positive way we think about ourselves .

Studies of purchase show that people prefer brands and products that are compatible with their self concept. However,there are different report concerning the degree of influence of the actual and ideal self concept on brand and product preferences. Some research maintain that consumption preferences correspond to a person's self concept. Others hold that the ideal self concept is dominant in consumers choices.

The discrepancy between the actual and the ideal self concept is a measure of personal dissatisfaction. Such dissatisfaction could be related to product usage,particularly for products that deal with self enhancement. Thus,a woman who would like to be more efficient,modern,and imaginative may buy a different type of perfume or deodorant or tend to shop at different stores (like Eastern shop ) than a woman who would like to be more warm and attractive.

In real life,consumers switch back and forth between their actual and ideal self concepts. For instance,a middle aged man may buy some comfortable,but not fashionable ,clothing to wear at home on a weekend where he is reflecting his actual self concept. But he may also buy some expensive,high fashion clothing,envisioning or seeing himself as a young ,active ,upwardly mobile guy(ideal self concept ).

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