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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Marketing Implications of Consumers Needs

As earlier discussed that the satisfaction of needs is top priority for marketers. Every organisation should be concerned with satisfying consumers needs very well. They should direct their energies and efforts to giving consumers Delightful Satisfaction.

Here in Nigeria every organisation or institution should think customer and  emphasize consumer satisfaction. Even the federal state or local governments in Nigeria should think marketing and practice marketing. They should find out the needs and wants of the citizens or electorates and satisfy those needs. If they don't, they would have failed woefully. The reason why politicians are in governance or in power is to satisfy the needs and wants of their citizens or electorates,who constitute their target market ,consumers or customers. Their customers or consumers expect nothing less from them than satisfying their various levels of needs.

Having this said,we would like to mention several implications of consumers 'need to the marketer.
(1) The first implication is that the marketer should carry out research to identify the needs of his target market or consumers.

(2) The next implication,is that before developing a new product,the marketer should develop and test Product Concepts. The product concepts reflects the of the consumer. The marketer should address the need of consumers in the product concept.

(3) Another implication is that when developing products, the marketer must address the level of needs which consumers wants to fulfil.

(4) After developing products the marketer should communicate their need satisfying capacity to consumers.

(5) Then the marketer should continue to monitor the level of satisfaction of the needs of his target consumers after they have purchased or used his products.

(6) The marketers should modify his product,whenever the consumers needs change to accommodate their preferences

(7) The marketer should always use "total product offer "or"package offer" that will incorporate or include all the levels of consumers needs.

(8) The marketer should be innovative or creative to discover even better ways ri satisfying consumers needs .

(9) The marketer should monitor his competitors to know whether,they are satisfying consumers needs better.

(10) The marketer should periodically carry out research to determined the extent of satisfaction,if the various levels of consumers needs.

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