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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Marketing Implications of Patronage Motives

         Sales customers do not continue to patronise a specific store for a single motive, it is important for the marketer to understand the various influences which induce customers to purchase from particular stores. To illustrate some customers do so because they get high quality merchandise and adequate service in a conveniently located store, for them their store image centres of these elements. Other like the wide selection of products that a retailer offers, for most types of commodities price is an important factor.

   In attracting patronage however the market I should ensure that he has not appealing to motives which seriously comflict. For instance an attempt to attract purchase buy low price and at the same time by the appeal that the best people by their will cause great difficulties, since the best people often demand expensive service incompatible with low prices. The market are should also be realised that the consumers decision to patronize a particular store is often the result of a compromise among conflicting patronage motives. An attractive window display may create a strong desire on the part of customer to make a purchase in a particular store, but he may also realise that he should go across the street to a lower priced establishment.