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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Packaging And Colour Influence

Research carried out in Britain and USA has proved beyond all doubt that a correct choice of colour for the package label or product, vitality effects sales. Pastel shades, especially pinks, appeal to cosmetics buyers, blue with red lettering has proved highly successful for selling hardware.
But it is much easier to decide that certain colours skins are unsuitable than it is to determining the best colour for the particular product and its package. Unsuitable colours that would immediately be recognised as such her in connection with conflicts, or green and yellow with confectionary.
       Another problem arises when colours are combined. In general, simply coloured packs so rather more successfully than the multi coloured ones, but this does not imply that a door design will out sell a vivid with one. The appeal of simple colour is usually strong, but the whole subject is really bound up in the question of design, coupled with display of the brand name, and sometimes illustration or diagrams of the product itself and its uses.

       Marketers and product developers are very aware that colours work on peoples subconscious and that each colour produces a psychological reaction. Reaction to a colour can be pleasant or unpleasant. Colour can inform consumers about the type of product inside the package and the influence their perception of quality, value and purity. Thus, colour in packaging is an important tool in marketing communications.