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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Passive Learning and Post Purchase Attitude Change

Krugman's(1963) passive learning theory states that consumers learn about brands with little involvement with little evaluation of alternative brands. Attitude are more likely to be formed after,rather than before purchase.

Krugman's theory is most relevant for providing strategies to increase the level of consumer involvement after the purchase. Marketers seek to increase involvement in their brands since the higher the level of commitment,the greater the likelihood that true,rather than weak,brand loyalty will result.

We have the following strategy for increasing involvement;;

(1) Link the product to an involving issue.

(2) Link the product to an involving personal situation.

(3) Create involving advertisement.

(4) Increase the importance of a products attribute.

(5) Introduce a new and important attribute to the product.

A greater level of involvement will result in a more favorable attitude towards the product. As in dissonance and attribution theories,such a favorable shift in attitude will follow the behaviour.