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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Patronage Motives Store Choice Behavior

      As already suggested, patronage motives are the impulses, desires and consideration within the consumer which induced the purchase of goods from certain outlets or store.

      Sometimes a customer can be more influenced by the store of company selling the product than by the product itself. In that case, the consumer is motivated by patronage motives, which caused a consumer to prefer one company or store to others. Often a customer will be influenced by patronage motives when very similar products, any one of which would be satisfactory, are available from several sources. In this situation a consumer may choose to buy household goods from ur favourite store. The reason for the customers patronage preference may be that the sales organisation has built an image of dependability and hopefulness, created in part by its friendly and capable salespeople. It may be that a store has a large assortment of merchandise to choose from an attractive layouts. In any case, the salesperson dealing with a patronage motive consumer will be able to suggest a wider variety of products than the salesperson dealing with a product oriented customer.