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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Planned Versus Unplanned Shopping Behavior

Certain shopping trips, such as sudden or spur of the moment decision to enter a cosmetic store or an apparel shop and browse around maybe unplanned. This is called employee shopping im plus shopping is different from employees by. That is to say a shopping trip may be planned, but certain items bought on trip may beyond plan. Therefore it is necessary to distinguish planned and unplanned shopping behaviour or purchasing behaviour.


Menu purchase decisions are not planned , off install stimuli such as displays, shelf position, parking, and price become more important in the purchase decisions. This does not mean that advertising and install stimuli as separate. Advertising can reinforce install stimuli by reminding consumers of a product benefits once they see the product on the shelf. Conversely, displays and good shelves position a necessity if advertising is to be effective. However, relative emphasis on each is important. It determines whether the marketer is advertising a pool or a push strategy. Advertising tools the product from the store by creating demand beforehand, install simile push the product through the store by influencing the customer at the point of sale.