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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Positive Attitudes Towards The Market.

The first thing that a marketer or the management of any organisation must know is that there is scope in any business or venture. Depending on how it is approached. There is always a way where there is a will. By carefully studying his market (customers), marketing environment, and his product and initiating decisions and operating methods that can help to spot and fill gaps in the industries, the marketer would achieve success. These positive posture has to lead has led to startling innovations and marketing success in many field of endeavours considered saturated by some people.

As a result of the perennial water shortage in Enugu city, many residents had to rely on water from wells and tankers which around party in the city. All commercial operators of this well and tankers make moderate revenue from their businesses.  The business was therefore not very attractive. But an entrepreneur noticed that people usually do not trust or drink the water from this sources and that some of the sources become dry with the approach of dry season. He decided to do something different from the other suppliers of water. He dug a deep well at site where all year round stream ones a deep existed until it was stopped when with sang with sand to make way for a petrol service station. Installed machines and other devices for pumping and purifying the water before storing it in a reservoir from which it is sold to customers. This innovation act made the entrepreneur a pioneer in the industry and attracted a large all year round business to him.

Active attitudes towards the market : A marketer should not only believe that there is a scope or a place for him in the industry in which he is operating, he needs to actively exploit the opportunities existing in the market. This calls for active studying of the market, marketing the needs of consumers with the appropriate products, organising distribution effectively and efficiently and vigorously promoting the products, all to ensure the satisfaction of consumers. An organisation should not be contented with merely producing best products. Without an active marketing effort, even the best product in the market might fail to attract adequate patronage from consumers. This means that an organisation needs to have more than the best product in the market for it to achieve market success and leadership. It requires an active attitude towards the market. It needs reiterated here that the more active party in the exchange process is the marketer, who actively seeks customers (buyers and sellers).

Bons Nigeria Limited display an active attitude to the market when it is recently renewed the marketing efforts for its own brand of chocolate food drink, Bonita. As a result of the harsh economic condition which has affected consumers economic circumstances in the country, competition and the trade in the industry, the company undertook a change in its product's package and added milk and sugar so that the average consumer would not need to add them when preparing drinks. The more beautiful but cheap package appeals more to consumers. In addition to these, the company attracted more distributors, recruited more people to beef-up its personal sales force, and sponsor more television and radio advertisement in order to ensure that the product achieves more patronage. These efforts have greatly helped the product to gain much popularity in highly competitive food drink industry.

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