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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Practical Steps to Becoming a Competent Marketer

   It is suggested for a student reading marketing or any person in the field to do or have the following in order to become a competent marketer.

 1) The person must have an in depth knowledge of marketing principles, theories, skills and strategies.

 2) He must understand of Nigerians or foreign consumers.

 3) He must have knowledge of competitors and ability to track or monitors their marketing activities.

 4) He must read books and materials relevant to his practice.

 5) He must be interested on issues happening around him.

 6) He must go beyond his lecture notes to read other relevant materials.

 7) He must have an in depth knowledge of laws or acts that affect marketing in Nigeria and else where.

 8) He must have knowledge of economic developments as well as trends.

 9) He must be abreast with the political developments.

 10) He must have knowledge of the cultural and sociological behaviour of his customers or consumers.

 11) He must have the ability to analyse and forecast the environment.

 12) He must have the ability to collect environmental information and data that affect the marketing planning of the firm.

 13) He must have knowledge of international issues / events that affect his firms marketing efforts.

 14) He must have the ability to initiate actions that influence or create a favourable environment for the marketing programme of his firm.

  What a person requires to become a competent marketer can be summarized under three headings namely;
  I) Knowledge and application of marketing principles,theories,skills and strategies.

  II) Knowledge and utilization of marketing environmental factors.

  III) Possession of good personality traits and qualities.