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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Preparing the Research Proposal

Before actually requesting a proposal from a supplier, the client or marketer should :
 i. Describe what action will be taken on the basis of the research results.

ii. Outline what events lead to the need for information.

iii. List questions which he feels should be answered in order to deal with the problem.

iv. Explain how each piece of information is to be used.

v. Identify those groups or target markets from whom the information should be collected.

vi. Identify any time and budget constraints on the project.

The market research proposal is usually prepared following at least one meeting with the research user / client in order to discuss the project. Such a meeting is very valuable as it provides the perspective research supplier with an opportunity to discuss with the client the objectives of the project and other relevant topics which will influence the manner in which the proposal is prepared. Such meetings before the submission of a proposal will also contribute to a better understanding of the project on the part of the research company or organisation. It is also after such discussion that the researcher is in a position to prepare a detailed proposal for submission to the client.

 The marketing research proposal must be professionally prepared, must be succinct, and must communicate clearly to the perspective client exactly the type and quality of work which can be expected from the research supplier if the proposal is accepted and the project approved. The proposal should contain substantial information to enable the client or marketer which the discussion concerning the research and supplier.

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