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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Reference Group Influence on The Consumers

We would like to know how reference groups influence the behaviour of consumers so that marketers in Nigeria will base their strategies on this knowledge or understanding. Reference groups influence consumers choice in three specific ways.

1) They have an information influence. The testimonial of an expert or the experience of a friend are informative communications. Also, the visible consumption of certain products (like cars,appliances,cloths,etc) provides consumers with information as to what brands and products are most popular in the group.

2) Reference group have a comparative influence in permitting a comparison of the individuals beliefs,attitudes, and behaviour to that of the group. Groups serve as referents by providing the consumer with the basis for evaluating one's self image. And one way to define self image is by how we think other see us.

3) Reference group have a normative influence in that they directly influence attitudes and behaviour based on group norms and thereby encourage compliance with these norms.