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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Requirements For Efficient And Effective Packaging

The essentials of a well conceived packing package in are :

1. It should distinguish the product from any other, making the brand easy to identify.

2. It should preserve the product under all conditions likely to being counted, for example transportation, unloading, storing an actual display.

3. You should be adequate under normal conditions of damp, heat, or strong sunlight.

4. It should be attractive in itself and capable of attracting and stimulating sales, attractive packaging create impulse buying inparticularly important feature in modern retailing.

5. The colour scheme should be appropriate to the product's concerned, colours to resist fading, even in strong sunlight.

6. Some facts must create an impression of quantity as well as quality, in some products failed the natural human desire of wanting a lot of one's money must be kept in mind.

7. It should display well in the physical sense, sheer attractiveness is just one factor, products which are not well adapted to staking will seldom be properly displayed.

8. Packages should be easy to open, yet still safetly preserve their contents.

9. The package should emphasize the brand name and any business slogan, and be in keeping with the general advertising theme.

10. Directions for use are essential, it is very important for this to be clear and understandable to the least intelligent type of consumer, avoiding all reasonable possibility of error and ambiguity. With exported goods, the directions should be in the appropriate language or languages.

11. Instruction for use should be on that part of the package which is retained when the product is in use, nothing is more irritating than to lose the instructions because they were merely printed in an enclosed leaflet, but how to be mutilated in opening the park or have become obliterated rated by liquid spilling from the container.

12. The cost of the package should be appropriate to the value of the product, its sales promotional functions, and the class of commodity.

13. It texture and shape must be suitable for economic bulk packaging, to keep transport and general handling charges.

14. The package must be conducive to getting shelf space at the retail level. A unique package with strange dimensions or protruding extensions or conflict surface is going to be rejected by many retailers. A package must be easy to handle, store and stock. It should not take up more shelf room than any other product in that section, as might a pyramid shaped bottle.

15. For products bought upon inspection, such as men's shirts, package needs transference facing. The package can make the difference in whether a store stocks the item.

16. Small items are required to be mounted on cards and plastic domes, cold blister cards, to provide eze to handling and to prevent pilferage. Afternoon cards are mounted on a large card that can be hung on a wall making profitable use of that space.

17. The package must meet reasonable standards. Since the product package is a major expense for most firms, steps must be taken to hold down costs as much as possible.