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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Significance of Product Motives to the Marketer

     The marketer should attempt to understand consumers motives so that he can adapt products and marketing strategy to the consumers. the seller should always try to judge the consumers reason for purchase so that he can base his selling effort on them.

       marketers should also realise that various people by the same product on the basis of many different motives and that those motives may be aroused by several forms of sales promotion. Such personnel salesmanship, advertising, displays. Consequently any or all of these forms should be used with proper attention given to their coordination and to the necessity necessity of suggesting a number of motives to induce purchase and to assure consumer satisfaction.

      the main aim of those engaged in marketing is to provide the consumer with what he wants, but marketers should recognise that the motives behind the want vary widely from person to person, and even from time to time for the same individual. Unless sellers have knowledge of those motives and build their sales promotion programs to take advantage of them, they cannot obtain the maximum profit from their operations.